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About Us

Quite simply, Ginger & French loves stylish design and living a full, active life. We’re all about getting out there, trying new things and doing so with style.

All of our products are designed in-house by Ginger & French and demonstrate our love of being bold and active. We are proud to work with a range of quality UK manufacturers who help to turn our designs into reality.

Where did it all begin?

The Ginger & French brand reflects its founder's passion for all things active and stylish.

Jenny French's love of activity started early on in Yorkshire, where she spent her days roller-skating down rolling hills, knocking about on a tennis court and running around the Yorkshire dales. After spells playing rugby, running the London Marathon and trying her hand at as many other sports as she could, she discovered cycling. From the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, to commuting through London to charity rides for Ride2Raise, Jenny has spent plenty of her adult life in Lycra.

Jenny has also always been drawn to design, initially as a result of her mother's soft furnishing work but developed further through her course at KLC School for Interior Design. Frustrated by the lack of stylish products on the market that have an energetic twist, Jenny has been itching to fill the gap. With two young children and further attempts to source action oriented, stylish products that would appeal to both adults and kids alike, the need to launch Ginger & French became more intense.

So, after a variety of corporate roles, Jenny, backed by her sporty business partner, decided to go for it. Their focus now is on bringing fresh visual reminders to people who love living the active life. Whether through a greeting card, a roll of wallpaper or a china mug, the Ginger & French designs reflect energy and style.